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The amount matters 🌳

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The amount matters 🌳

The fact that plants have a positive effect on our living and working environment and our wellbeing - it has been proved by scientific researches. But do you know the exact amount of plants we need per room in order to maximise these effects?

While one plant makes very little difference to your wellbeing, a range of plants in different sizes and varieties are capable of making you feel more relaxed, inspired and positive.

Thanks to RMIT University we have the researched data: 

In a 9m2 room:

1 plant provides 45% cleaner air and a small amount of mental wellbeing
2 plants provide up to 75% cleaner air and 50% more mental wellbeing
5 plants maximum health and wellbeing benefits

In an 20m2 room:

1plant will provide little mental wellbeing
5 plants will provide 60% more mental wellbeing
10 plants will maximise their health and wellbeing benefits

In a 70m2 room:

16 plants provide 75% cleaner air and 60% greater mental wellbeing
32 plants will achieve maximum benefits

The rating is based on medium sized plants (around 30cm tall).

Total leaf area and root-ball size should be considered in your selection, so look for bigger leaves and bigger pots 🌿🌵🌴🌳