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Augsnes maisījums āra augiem Urban mix
Augsnes maisījums āra augiem Urban mix

Urban Mix (100 liters) soil for outdoor plants

€19,50 €16,57



Peat substrate for outdoor plants – balanced and ready-to-use. For balcony containers, outdoor pots raised beds, and greenhouses.

📦 Delivery not available. Only self pick up in store (Strēlnieku 13, Rīga).

Made of high-quality ingredients – 100% free from insects, pests, and fungus. Fertilizer added.

Suitable for planting and growing young plants, bulbs, and tubers:

  • For herbs and lettuces
  • For vegetables
  • For berry plants (except blueberries)
  • Outdoor pot flowers


  • Latvian sphagnum peat
  • Perlite
  • Dolomite lime
  • PG mix (NPK) 14-16-18
  • Wetting agent

Product properties

  • pH - 5.1-6.1
  • Degree of decomposition (by von Post scale) - H2-H5
  • Electrical conductivity (mS/cm) - 0,24
  • Calcium - 0,82%
  • Magnesium - 0,051%
  • Humidity - 48,3%
  • Structure - 0-10mm

Packaging is 100% recyclable. Best to use this peat substrate within a year upon receiving. Store in a dry place without direct exposure to sun or humidity.

Made in Latvia with love.


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