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Speckled Leggy Planter P14
Speckled Leggy Planter P14

Speckled Leggy Planter P14

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Following the popular Scandinavian home trend.
Characterised by an organic texture and complete with three standing legs.
Available in three assorted colourways of brick, blush and sand.
Ideal for housing cacti or other mini plants.


Dimensions: W 14 x H 16 cm

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Caring tips

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Watering & Humidity
Watering: when the soil is completely dry. 
No mist.

Light & Temperature
Direct sunlight. Hot, dry conditions are perfect for echeveria. Not tolerate to cold temperatures, drafts.

Soil & fertilizing
Use a well-draining potting mix for cacti.
Fertilizing during spring-summer. Use a cactus or succulent fertilizer, or a liquid fertilizer diluted two to four times more than normal.

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