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Asparagus falcatus
Asparagus falcatus
Asparagus falcatus
Asparagus falcatus

Asparagus falcatus





This asparagus is a robust, vigorous climber with thorns on woody stems. Fast growing and with easy care plant. Tiny white flowers appear in late summer which develop into small red berries. Asparagus falcatus can can reach a height of 3m.

Asparagus is easy to care for, following its basic care requirements of bright, indirect light. Keep the soil little bit moist at all times (less water is required during the winter). Don’t let Asparagus to sit in water, so must be kept in a well draining potting mix. 

!Please note that each plant is unique and variations of appearance may occur between each one.

Plant care:

  • Light: Happy at bright, indirect light to moderate.

  • Temperature: 15°C – 23ºC.

  • Water: soil must dry out before next watering. Mist: occasionaly.

  • Humidity: Recommended humidity: 30 - 40%

  • Soil: Very important to have well draining potting mix (we recommend Potting mix from For My Plants).

  • Fertilizer: Weak dose of cactus or general purpose feed once a month during the growing season.

  • Toxicity: Ingestion may cause severe discomfort.