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Spotted Planter On Legs
Spotted Planter On Legs

Spotted Planter On Legs




This charming scandi boho planter brings a cool but simple aesthetic to your botanical corner. The sleek black design features a repeat pattern of white dots, alongside four rather cute standing legs.


Dimensions: W 11,5 cm x H 12,5 cm

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Caring tips

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Watering & Humidity
Watering: when the soil is completely dry. 
No mist.

Light & Temperature
Direct sunlight. Hot, dry conditions are perfect for echeveria. Not tolerate to cold temperatures, drafts.

Soil & fertilizing
Use a well-draining potting mix for cacti.
Fertilizing during spring-summer. Use a cactus or succulent fertilizer, or a liquid fertilizer diluted two to four times more than normal.

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