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Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue
Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue

Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue




Epipremnum pinnatum "Cebu Blue" is a unique variety of epipremnum characterized by thin and silvery green-blue leaves. The plant is native to the Cebu island in the Philippines.

The Cebu blue pothos is easy to grow and care for. It’s not a fussy plant, therefore is great for beginners. 

  • Pot size (diameter): 12cm
  • Height with pot: 25-35cm

!Please note that each plant is unique and variations of appearance may occur between each one.

Plant care:

  • Light: Happy at bright indirect light.

  • Temperature: 16°C – 25ºC.

  • Water: Let it partly dry out between wateringMist: occasionally.

  • Humidity: Recommended humidity: 40 - 60%.

  • Soil: Well draining potting mix (we recommend Potting mix from For My Plants).

  • Fertilizer: Use a balanced liquid fertilizer, during the growing season.

  • Toxicity: Ingestion may cause severe discomfort.

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