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Hedera Helix Spetchley Gnome (English Ivy)
Hedera Helix Spetchley Gnome (English Ivy)

Hedera Helix Spetchley Gnome (English Ivy)

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Hedera Helix Spetchley Gnome (Ivy Gnome) is a evergreen climber with solid green three-lobed leaves. Ivy Gnome c an be grown in the landscape as a ground cover, climber, or in containers. The preferred location for the ivy is a semi-shady to shady location.

Ivy is easy to care for, following its basic care requirements of medium, or low light and medium watering. It is better to keep the soil little bit moist at all times. Don’t let Ivy to sit in water, this plant doesn't like wet feet, so must be kept in a well draining potting mix. 

It’s not a fussy plant, therefore is great for beginners. 

  • Pot size (diameter): 10cm
  • Height with pot: 30cm

!Please note that each plant is unique and variations of appearance may occur between each one.

Plant care:

  • Light: Happy at medium, or low light.

  • Temperature: 10°C – 25ºC.

  • Water: soil must partially dry out a little bit before next watering. Mist: occasionally.

  • Humidity: Recommended humidity: 40 - 80%.

  • Soil: Well draining potting mix (we recommend Potting mix from For My Plants).

  • Fertilizer: feed well during the growing season.

  • Toxicity: Ingestion may cause severe discomfort. 

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