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Pilea involucrata
Pilea involucrata
Pilea involucrata
Pilea involucrata

Pilea involucrata





Pilea involucrata or Pilea Mollis or The Moon Valley Pilea is native to Central/South America. Pilea involucrata grows on the forest floor, living its best life in the shade.
The leaves are bushy in nature and are typically a bright green with dark copper veins. The plant itself will remain relatively small, never reaching more than 30cm+ in height, which makes it suitable for windowsills and tabletops.

The Moon Valley Pilea doesn’t need much sunlight to thrive, but it prefers humid environments.

  • Pot size (diameter): 6cm
  • Height with pot: 12-15cm

!Please note that each plant is unique and variations of appearance may occur between each one.

Plant care:

  • Light: medium indirect light.

  • Temperature: 15°C – 26ºC.

  • Water: soil must slightly dry out before next watering. Mist: regularly.

  • Humidity: Recommended humidity: >50%.

  • Soil: Very important to have well draining potting mix (we recommend Potting mix from For My Plants).

  • Fertilizer: Use a balanced liquid fertilizer,  once/ twice a month during the growing season.

  • Toxicity: non-toxic.

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