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Telpaugu kopšanas serviss
Telpaugu kopšanas serviss

Plant care service

  • 1 hour




What plants should you choose for your home or office or business? How to design your balcony or patio or the front of your building? You can take advantage of our consultation service to green up your environment in a unique and professional way!

You want to keep your plants nice and healthy, and get all their benefits, opt for our professional plant maintenance service. Our knowledgeable specialists are familiar with every type of plant and with every essential task to keep them healthy: watering, repotting, feeding, pruning and cleaning.

Our plant care service is available for your home, office, business. Let us make your life easier and plants happier!

The price includes: consultation and work, potting soil, care products and VAT.

For more information:

Phone: +371 26609686
Our address: Plants Happy Botanical Studio, Strēlnieku iela 13, Rīga.


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