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Promanal-R 500ml
Promanal-R 500ml

Promanal-R 500ml



Mealybugs, spider mites and scale insects are best combated with with Promanal-R.

 It is important that all insects are well sprayed, because Promanal-R works in contact.
The organic ingredients in Promanal-R are based on paraffin oil and penetrate the insects’ protective layer. Both sides of the leaf and stem must be well sprayed over the entire surface.
This completely biological special formula will end your insect problem. Promanal-R can be used on all hard leaved plants. Also be used for treatment against the boxwood moth (cydalima perspectalis). Promanal-R is harmless for bees.
Active ingredient: Pyrethrins natural pyrethrum rapeseed oil. 100% natural.
Volume: 500ml
Country of origin: Netherlands


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