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Re-potting services
Re-potting services

Re-potting services

  • - 12 cm
  • 13-20cm
  • 21-31cm
  • 31-45cm
  • 46-60cm
  • Riga




When you buy a plant and pot from Plants Happy on the same day, we will pot them together for you for FREE.

If your houseplant is getting too big for its pot, we can offer our out-store repotting service. We provide the soil and fertiliser, but you should have new planting container/pot or buy it in Plants Happy in advance - we have lots of lovely pots available in store if you're looking for new one.

Repotting prices:

Pot size up to 12cm - 7EUR

Pot size  13-20cm - 12EUR

Pot size  21-30cm - 15EUR

Pot size  31-45cm - 25EUR

Pot size  46-60cm - 35EUR

Transport costs

Riga - 5 EUR

Other location - negotiable

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