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SOS Plant Kit
SOS Plant Kit
SOS Plant Kit
SOS Plant Kit

SOS Plant Kit

€34,00 €24,00

This Botanopia SOS kit is for any plant parent who wants to keep their plants happy and healthy, with the right tools.

Whether you’re a beginner or a confirmed plant lover, the included products and tools are there to help you achieve and maintain a great indoor jungle.

The box contains :

  • 1x 50ml bottle of Neem Oil, ready to mix
  • 1x 250ml glass spray bottle to fill with your neem oil leaf spray
  • 1x pair of microfiber leaf love gloves
  • 4x fly traps stems + 16 yellow sticky trap “leaves”
  • 1x magnifying glass
  • 1x tweezers

Your Plant Care Kit goes in a chic green and gold box, also great for gifting.

    Weight: 3040g
    Dimensions: 20x20x3.5cm
    Country of origin: Netherlands